Starting from the need

Generation Shift

Transferring trust and knowledge between generations, while promoting innovation.

Merging Product Programs

Using modular design to merge two technically different, but functionally similar product programs and organizations.

Cultural Transformation

Achieving Operational Excellence by changing the mindset in an American company.

Product Development Process

Connecting people and visualizing processes to shorten the lead-time for product development.

Kanthal Profitability Analysis

Discovering that the “best” and biggest customer was the most unprofitable one.

Consolidation via Modularization

Embedded and widespread training of engineers resulting in new product structures and improved multi-site co-operation.

Modularization of Product and Organization

Transferring the portfolio into a modular product program and adapting the product development organization.

Process Transformation for Fiber Expansion

Improving customer satisfaction by focus on flow, processes and deviation handling.

Improving Process Line Efficiency

Improving yield and reducing waste in food production.

Just-in-Time Maintenance

Implementing a pull-flow, buffers and clear processes to take maintenance out of its bottleneck status.

Digital Planning Board

Making the local planning board visible for on- and off-site personnel using real-time digitalization.

Planning of Durability Testing

Establishing visual planning methods, removing bottlenecks from the testing operations.