Fredrik Lagergren

+46 70 732 19 32

Fredrik is our committed Managing Director and has a background as Director of KTH Executive School

Charlotte Bjuggren

+46 70 495 32 54

With her 25 years at SAM, Lotta has comprehensive experience in various projects from different sectors

Erik Eriksson

+46 70 600 98 07

Operational excellence, project and change management, profitability – Erik has decades of excellence in all of it

Ida Jernberg

+46 70 632 51 92

Ida is dedicated to harnessing the power of data visualization and optimizing system flows for informed, strategic decision-making

Sara Thunström

+46 73 334 70 80

Committed HR expert specializing in enhancing company culture and conducting impactful assessments for organizational growth

Erik Mårtenson

+46 70 721 18 90

Jessica Melin Hirschfeldt

+46-76-766 50 19

Erik Wettergren

+46 73 339 09 69

Dedicated and experienced transformation professional with a big heart and curious mind

Greger Laurin

+46 70 981 44 99

Isabell Carlsson

Isabell is passionate about sustainability and has experience in social and ecological sustainability from different sectors

Axel Qvarfordt

Axel is passionate about creating systems that serve employees and bringing a human-centric approach to change management and digitalization


Elsa Jans

With an extensive background in producing industry, Elsa is experienced in product development strategies, flow optimization and management

Julian Nur

Dedicated about IT and data security, Julian enjoys exploring and implementing innovative technical solutions

Åsa Heneryd

Åsa has years of experience in leadership, organizational development, change management, and expertise in lean and agile movement