Extraordinary Results Through Attention to Work and People

Game Premise

Set in the Realm of the Great River, the objective of the board game JIANG is to improve the participants’ – the MBM disciples’ – ability to travel the Great River. Together they work their way upstream to reach the Emerald Source up in the Land of Greens. The journey is a hard one and the disciples will have to use the dao of MBM (Management By Means) to improve together step by step. This cultivates a positive and enriching dialogue, and consequentially everybody wins as long as somebody wins.

The disciples of MBM will navigate the Great River and work their way from the Lower Delta – passing the Valley of Winds, Sea of Pirayas, Bay of Suprise, Waterfall of Friends and Plateau of Flows – all the way to the Land of Greens. Along the way, the disciples will work together, discussing the dao of MBM, helping each other break through to higher levels of understanding.

How SAM uses JIANG

JIANG is an excellent tool to raise a groups understanding on MBM. It requires a basic understanding of what MBM is to be a truly powerful tool, but one the basics are in place, JIANG can help an organization raise their MBM understanding to the next level.