Extraordinary Results Through Attention to Work and People

Simprovements is an interactive meeting simulation were you can choose between five scenarios – a restaurant, a zoo, a grocery store, a health center and an art museum. Stepping away from your own organization puts everybody on neutral ground and sparks the imagination of the group. In a playful setting, the group is guided through a simulated, action-oriented meeting – and leaves the participants with the feeling that “we can do this in our team too!”.

Experience from initiating countless of improvement groups and meetings has taught us that the first step can sometimes be the hardest – especially if you want to have everyone’s motivation onboard. Simprovements turned out to be a powerful catalyst for action, building on people’s internal motivation to improve their own work.

Interested? Contact us and we’ll tell you more about Simprovements and how it can support your transformation – big or small.

”This way of thinking creates a culture at Scania where strong values and principles give a gut feeling of what works, making it easier to run the organization. Well-established principles guide our methods and our methods naturally yield results.”
Henrik Henriksson
CEO Scania