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About Us

From Analysts to Embeded Consultants

Since the start in 1977, SAM has supplied services for organizational and leadership development, product structures and profitability learning to our clients. To make our clients long-term profitable is the expression we live by. SAM has been pioneers in Activity Based Costing, as well as implementation of a customized Toyota Way mindset and Modularization.

SAM has defined, developed and implements the concept “Management by Means – MBM” Our implementation methodology is working in close cooperation with our clients and supplying day-to-day support. As with all skills, it is in the application you learn the trade.

Our Services

Gaining a Holistic View

Manage By Means

An organization composed of wise principles rather than numbers.

Customer Focused Flow

Delivery and the customer satisfaction stemming from the relationship between sender and receiver functions.


Variable customer demands meet the most cost and resource efficient methods.

Strategy Scenarios

The world is constantly changing so which factors are actually playing a role in forming tomorrow?

Profitability Learnings

The most strategic insights do not live on the bottom line, but in the shady mass above.


The key to success is the people, independent of technology or service.

Our Tools

Over the years we have worked and supported a vast number of companies and other organizations. We have collected a few summaries in which you can read more of what we have done, such as Simprovements and Principlay.


Product Development Process

Connecting all and visualizing to shorten the lead-time for product development.

Cultural Transformation

Achieving Operational Excellence by changing the mindset in an American company.

Kanthal Profitability Analysis

The best and biggest customer turned out to be the most unprofitable customer.

Consolidation via Modularization

Training for a multitude of engineers in modularization resulting in new product structures and improved multisite co-operation.

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