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Management By Means

An organization composed of wise principles rather than numbers. An innovative company culture that fixes deviations. A built in strive for profitable customer satisfaction and long-term financial success, based on job satisfaction and the will of doing the right thing. A wise thinker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. To change the fundamental strategy for an organization requires a change of the culture in that organization.

Customer Focused Flow

What we do in an organization is the result of what a receiver, or customer, wants. Many different functions cooperate for the purpose of delivering the right thing at the right time at the right quality. The result of the delivery and the customer satisfaction is the outcome of how well each relationship or interface between a sender and a receiver functions. Not only in production but throughout the entire organization.

Scenarios and Deployment

The world is constantly changing and at times it might seem like the future is already here, other times as if it’s light-years away. So which factors are actually playing a role in forming tomorrow?


Variable customer demands meet the most cost and resource efficient methods. Built in flexibility and resource efficient development, production, aftermarket and administration sustain profitability and customer satisfaction.

Profitability Learning

What are your most profitable costs? How do you find them? The most strategic insights do not live on the bottom line but in the shady mass above. Our slightly different approach will give you more useful answers than traditional methods.


New technology gives new ways of doing business. For the people in the system it requires change, in what and how things are done. The key to success is the people, independent of technology or service.

Our clients say

”I'm impressed with the different improvements we are already making with our next gen hex program. They [SAM] are really working with the different engineering teams and not just 'consulting'.”
Chief Engineer and Managing Director
Heavy Machinery Manufacturer
”What we learned from Toyota and implemented on Scania is not about lean, it is about a cultural change of the company. SAM is the only firm in this country that can accomplish that.”
Leif Östling
Former CEO Scania
“Through the lessons learned, we have a standardized process to take care of the deviations and spread the good examples and work methods”
Team lead
Product Development, Ditch Witch
"There is no doubt that my experience with you and SAM has helped prepare me for this new leadership role."
Randy Rupp
General Manager, Subsite Electronics

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