Rich Ends from 
Simple Means

Over the years, SAM has developed several different tools that we can use to help our clients 

improve their organizations and their way of thinking. Some of them are described below.


Principlay® allows participants to understand and discuss real questions and problems in a playful manner. Purposely developed for specific clients Principlay® is a powerful roll-play tool for training as well as for solution development.


Experience the power of visualized deviation and improvement meetings. Simprovements is a roll-play that aids participants to understand the fundamentals of continuous improvements in practice.

JIANG – Journey of Learning

JIANG – Journey of Learning is a boardgame developed by SAM that helps create a positive dialogue about the company culture and the way we think and thereby deepen the groups understanding and solidify a common view.

Profit Beyond Measure

A book co-written by SAM founder Anders Bröms and professor H. Thomas Johnson. It delves into the relationship between profitable companies and how they are managed, minting the concept MBM – Management By Means.

Management System Checkup

Management system checkup – When you want to diagnose your current condition of operations, culture and managing system and/or the status of your current transformation, you can use this as a concrete and forward-thinking analysis. It will help you prioritize development activities concerning your company-specific leadership, culture and structural elements in your managing system.