How do you satisfy a plenitude of diverse customer needs while still maintaining and improving production efficiency and keep aftermarket costs at bay? How do you engage all people in the organization to systematically improve toward a common goal? By focusing on nurturing a common way of thinking you will exceed your expectations.

It is the organization as a unit that is either successful or not successful. All parts of an organization are stakeholders in the delivery to the customer. Hence, we need to focus on the big picture, but to improve we need to understand the details of each part of the organization. See the whole, see the details.

We all learn by doing. Class room training will only get you an idea of what needs to be done. Training needs to happen in reality. The coach need to be where you learn, which is at your work station. If left alone after a class room training session, you will interpret the training not necessarily for the better of the organization.

We defined the Management by Means (MBM) concept, which was later launched in the book “Profit Beyond Measure”, authored by SAM founder Anders Bröms and Prof. H. Thomas Johnson at Portland University in 2000.

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