Embedded consultants

Excellence Achieved in Cooperation

True change can only happen if people truly understand, accept, and embrace the change. Reasons for change not to occur are often that people do not understand why change is needed. Being present and supporting the change shortens the transformation lead-time.

SAM has the strong belief that we need to be present at our clients, where things are happening. Anyone can try to apply a standard solution, but there are no standard solutions to anything. Every organization is unique and every situation is unique.

We all learn by doing. Classroom training will only give you an idea of what needs to be done. Training needs to happen in reality. The coach needs to be where you learn, which is at your workstation. If left alone after a classroom training session, you will interpret the training not necessarily for the better of the organization.

We learn by trying to apply what we have learned, utilizing information that we have received. If we have a coach present when we do, we become proficient faster. But, importantly we ensure that do the right thing. The coach needs to see the practice in real time to be the most efficient and increase the learning curve. It does not matter if you are a leader or an operator, we all have the same need.

People are the most valued asset of any organization, independent of their position. Hence, we need to understand the people in the organization, how they interact with each other, what opportunities they see and issues they have.

 The best way for us to contribute and add value to our clients is to understand the situation in depth. We can only learn by taking part of the day-to-day events of our clients. We can get data from a server, but to truly understand the context we need to understand the system, to understand not only the big picture, but also the nuances and details.

SAM practices a close coaching support to organizations. We become embedded in the organization where we can support, encourage and correct in real time.

One of our more successful training tools is our Principlay® simulation, custom designed for each client.

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