International Women’s Day 2018

How do we get better at equal treatment and at the same time better at allowing for individual differences? Do we need to talk more, or perhaps less, about differences between men and women? Is cleaning up the language enough or do we also need to work on changing the way people think? These and other questions are a part …

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SAM 40 – Seminar on Strategic Leadership

This winter, SAM arranged a seminar on strategic leadership to commemorate our 40th anniversary.  During the seminar, Scania’s CEO Henrik Henriksson spoke about the Thinking Model and how a common mindset guides the co-workers at Scania to work towards the organization’s common goals and achievements: “The Thinking Model is the foundation for the long-term collaboration between Scania and SAM. It …

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Digitalized Visualization Board

SAM has long experience in developing visual planning boards to support cross functional meetings. The purpose of these planning boards is to provide a common overview of the current situation to participants from different functions. This “common truth” makes it easier to detect, act on and solve deviations. In a delivery flow, for example, delays and new information can easily …

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Love Your Deviations and Embrace Change

Valentine’s day. For centuries, the 14th of February has been seen as a day of love – a day to express your innermost feelings to those you hold dear. For some, today will be a nerve-wrecking day; will their love be answered? For others, today will be a warm day, filled with flowers, chocolate and – most importantly – love. …

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The Scania House originates from SAM’s Thinking Model.

Henrik Henrikson, CEO Scania
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