“Extraordinary results through attention to work and people”


”Profit in business is like breathing for a human. You do not think about breathing all the time. You think about the life you are living – the operations.”

About SAM

SAM Samarbetande Konsulter AB

Since the start in 1977 SAM has supplied services for organizational and leadership development, product structures and profitability learning to our clients. To make our clients long-term profitable is the expression we live by.

 SAM has been pioneers in Activity Based Costing, as well as implementation of a customized Toyota Way mind-set and Modularization.

SAM has defined, developed and implements the concept “Management by Means – MBM”

Our implementation methodology is working in close cooperation with our clients and supply day-to-day support. As with all skills, it is in the application you learn the trade.

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The Mind-set

How do you satisfy a plentitude of diverse customer needs while still maintaining and improving production efficiency and keep aftermarket costs at bay? How do we engage all people in the organization to systematically  improve toward a common goal? By focusing on nurturing a common way of thinking we will exceed our expectations.
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The Analysis

It is the organization together that is successful or unsuccessful. All parts of an organization are stakeholders in the delivery to the customer. Hence, we need to focus on the big picture, but to improve we need to understand the details of each part of the organization. See the whole, see the details.
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Embedded Consultants

You learn by doing. Class room training will only get you an idea of what needs to be done. Training needs to happen in reality. The coach need to be where you learn, which is at your work station. If left alone after a class room training session, you will interpret the training not necessarily for the better of the organization.
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Purposly developed for specific clients Principlay® is a powerful simulation tool for training and solution development. Learn more

Our Services

Customer Focused Flow

What we do in an organization is the result of what a receiver, or customer, wants. Many different functions cooperate for the purpose of delivering the right thing at the right time at the right quality. The result of the delivery and the customer satisfaction is the outcome how well each relationship or interface between a sender and a receiver functions. Not only in production, but throughout the entire organization. Learn More


Variable customer demands meet the most cost and resource efficient methods. Built in flexibility and resource efficient development, production, aftermarket and administration sustain profitability and customer satisfaction. Learn More

Profitability Learnings

Which are your most profitable costs? How do you find them? The most strategic insights do not live on the bottom line, but in the shady mass above. Our slightly different approach will give you more useful answers than traditional methods.Learn More




Manage By Means - A Cultural Journey

An organization composited of wise principles rather than numbers. An innovative company culture that fixes deviations. A built in strive for a profitable customer satisfaction and long-term financial success, based on job satisfaction and the will of doing the right thing.

A wise thinker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. To change the fundamental strategy for an organization requires a change of the culture in that organization.Learn More




New technology gives new ways of doing business. For the people in the system it requires change, in what and how things are done. The key to success is the people, independent of technology or service. Learn More

SAM Cases

Over the years we have worked and supported a vast number of companies and other organizations.
We have collected a few summaries in which you can read more of what we have done.

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SAM is constantly looking for the right people to join our team.

Do you want to accomplish extraordinary results? Do you like people and like to work with people? Are you dedicated and like to understand details, but interested in the bigger picture?

If you are, you can join us on our journey to improve organizations to become sustainable and long-term profitable.
Meanwhile you will learn new things and get new experiences every day.

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We are currently looking for an IT-architect/programmer. Read more here

We are also looking for new consultant collegues. Read more here (In Swedish)



Love Your Deviations and Embrace Change

Valentine's day. For centuries, the 14th of February has been seen as a day of love - a day to express your innermost feelings to those you
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Digitalized Visualization Board

SAM has long experience in developing visual planning boards to support cross functional meetings. The purpose of these planning boards is t
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Customer Viewpoint Improvement Groups

Starting individual continuous improvement groups does not necessarily lead to improvements for the customer or throughout the flow. It can
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Henrik Henrikson, CEO Scania

The Scania House originates from SAM's Thinking Model.
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SAM 40 – Seminar on Strategic Leadership

This winter, SAM arranged a seminar on strategic leadership to commemorate our 40th anniversary.  During the seminar, Scania's CEO Henrik He
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Cultural Transformation

Cultural transformation An American manufacturer of equipment for installation of cables and pipes had stalled their implementation of lean.
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International Women’s Day 2018

How do we get better at equal treatment and at the same time better at allowing for individual differences? Do we need to talk more, or perh
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