How to achieve Operational Excellence?

Throughout the years, a plethora of management concepts have been introduced with the aim of improving the performance of a company or an organization. These concepts promise continuous improvements, efficiency or profitability – you probably know a few of them. Many initiatives, although looking promising at first glance, end up with very limited success, perhaps even failure. A mere few …

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Transportsektorns glömda roll i elektrifieringsvågen

I SvD Debatt söndagen den 2 december diskuterade flera toppar inom svensk infrastruktur och elnät problematiken med Sveriges trånga elnät. De lyfte till ytan att denna brist snabbt kommer stå oss dyrt allteftersom kraven på klimatvänliga och ”smarta” alternativ ökar i Sverige. I artikeln påpekar de hur, trots att Sveriges överskott av el troligen skulle räcka för de flesta av …

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Meeting climate change with a broad perspective

Today Stockholm sees its first day in over a week without clear skies and peak temperatures above 20’C. In May. By meteorological standards, summer arrived as early as April 21st in Stockholm – something that has only happened three times before since measurements started in the late 1700’s. Is this in itself a sign of climate change? Perhaps not – …

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