Digitalized Visualization Board

Category: Digitalization, Flow, MBM, Visualization

This “common truth” makes it easier to detect, act on and solve deviations.


SAM has long experience in developing visual planning boards to support cross functional meetings. The purpose of these planning boards is to provide a common overview of the current situation to participants from different functions. This “common truth” makes it easier to detect, act on and solve deviations.

In a delivery flow, for example, delays and new information can easily be detected and swift action taken. Decisions made during the cross functional meeting have an immediate and tactile effect when the information is updated on the physical planning board.

However, when the number of orders increases, the administrative work of keeping the physical board up-to-date becomes tedious. The risk is that the information no longer reflects the latest information. To mitigate this problem, SAM worked together with one of our clients to develop a digital version of the visual planning board. The aim was to preserve the benefits of the physical planning board in a digital fashion. This also enables a shared “common truth” between participants in different geographic locations.

The digitalized visualization has been developed as a small-step improvement process. SAM worked as embedded consultants, in close contact with the people doing the planning to support their daily operations.