How to achieve Operational Excellence?

Throughout the years, a plethora of management concepts have been introduced with the aim of improving the performance of a company or an organization. These concepts promise continuous improvements, efficiency or profitability – you probably know a few of them. Many initiatives, although looking promising at first glance, end up with very limited success, perhaps even failure. A mere few …

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Tillitsbaserat ledarskap – Manage the means not the results – Management by Means (MBM)

”Extraordinary results through attention to work and people.” Resultatstyrning har länge varit ett populärt uttryck i ledarskapssammanhang, i såväl privat som offentlig sektor. Strävan efter kvantitativt resultat riskerar dock att locka fram kvantitativa beslut och kvantifierbara styrmekanismer. Organisationen kommer att likna ett mekaniskt system. ”Att leda en organisation, ett levande system, kräver mycket mer än att kvantitativt summera insatsen/bidrag/resultatet från …

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The role of Intellectual Property Rights in Innovation

Today is the World Intellectual Property Day. It is a day to emphasize the role that intellectual property rights play in innovation and creativity. This year, focus is directed towards brilliant, ingenious, curious and courageous women who have driven change in our world and helped shaping our common future. When I read about this years theme I come to think …

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