Applying Principles to Everyday Life: Easter Edition

A long time ago, a Danish prince caught in a vicious family feud uttered the famous words:

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

– Hamlet, Shakespeare

At SAM, our core philosophy is inspired by these words and we always work with our way of thinking. We call it the Thinking Model where Principles govern our Methods that generate Results. If the Results are not to our liking, we return to our Methods and ask ourselves: “What is lacking in our Methods?”. If the Methods are lacking, we must then also return to our Principals and ask: “Are our Principles mirrored in our Methods?” As such, we gain an ecosystem where our way of thinking (our principles) is the foundation for our reality (our results), much like it was for Hamlet and Rosencrantz in the famous Shakespeare play, Hamlet.

Remembering to keep our Principles close at hand is however not always easy. Every day we must remind ourselves of their existence and what they mean for our work. Today we give an Easter version of applying principles to our everyday life, here in the hopes of birthing happy Easter memories for children and adults alike.

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