International Women’s Day 2018

How do we get better at equal treatment and at the same time better at allowing for individual differences? Do we need to talk more, or perhaps less, about differences between men and women? Is cleaning up the language enough or do we also need to work on changing the way people think?

These and other questions are a part of SAM’s work on gender equality and diversity, this year celebrating its two-year anniversary. At SAM we have decided on the following starting points:

  • Gender equality and diversity are beneficial to our long-term survival as a company; it increases our chances of capturing new ideas, of finding new concepts for success and of challenging old habits.
  • Gender balance and diversity make SAM more attractive as an employer – and as a business partner.
  • We adapt to Swedish law, even the laws that only apply to larger companies than ours.

This year we have reached 25% female employees – not much to brag about, but still a step in the right direction!

What drives your company’s gender equality work?


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