Tillitsbaserat ledarskap – Manage the means not the results – Management by Means (MBM)

”Extraordinary results through attention to work and people.” Resultatstyrning har länge varit ett populärt uttryck i ledarskapssammanhang, i såväl privat som offentlig sektor. Strävan efter kvantitativt resultat riskerar dock att locka fram kvantitativa beslut och kvantifierbara styrmekanismer. Organisationen kommer att likna ett mekaniskt system. ”Att leda en organisation, ett levande system, kräver mycket mer än att kvantitativt summera insatsen/bidrag/resultatet från …

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SAM Tools and How We Use Them

Have you ever had a hard time changing the mind-set or work process at your workplace? Dare to try in practice – SAM Principle With our principles in mind, SAM has developed  a set of simple yet effective tools that help us challenge how our clients work and perhaps more importantly, how they reflect on their work. Through activity based …

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Customer Viewpoint Improvement Groups

Starting individual continuous improvement groups does not necessarily lead to improvements for the customer or throughout the flow. It can even take longer time to get the entire flow connected and synchronized in its enhancement efforts if there is only a small group of people involved first. To speed up the entire flow, especially in cases where the flow is …

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