SAM 40 – Seminar on Strategic Leadership

This winter, SAM arranged a seminar on strategic leadership to commemorate our 40th anniversary.  During the seminar, Scania’s CEO Henrik Henriksson spoke about the Thinking Model and how a common mindset guides the co-workers at Scania to work towards the organization’s common goals and achievements:

“The Thinking Model is the foundation for the long-term collaboration between Scania and SAM. It started in production but has become a management system for the whole organization.”

– Henrik Henriksson, CEO, Scania

Birgitta Svendén, CEO of the Royal Swedish Opera, shared her experiences of successfully strengthening her leadership and breaking old structures with the help of consultants.

Our third speaker, Robert Miller from Caterpillar, highlighted that the core of good leadership is to have love and passion for your work and co-workers.

Mats Engwall, professor of Industrial Engineering, gave life to and enriched the discussion on strategic leadership together with SAM’s CEO, Fredrik Lagergren.

The seminar led to many interesting discussions regarding principles and behaviors that strengthen strategic leadership. For four decades, SAM has worked together with our customers to create long-term profitability for their companies. We are certain that the seminar has sown seeds for further profitable co-operations during the coming decades.

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