Applying Principles to Everyday Life: Easter Edition

A long time ago, a Danish prince caught in a vicious family feud uttered the famous words:

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

– Hamlet, Shakespeare

At SAM, our core philosophy is inspired by these words and we always work with our way of thinking. We call it the Thinking Model where Principles govern our Methods that generate Results. If the Results are not to our liking, we return to our Methods and ask ourselves: “What is lacking in our Methods?”. If the Methods are lacking, we must then also return to our Principals and ask: “Are our Principles mirrored in our Methods?” As such, we gain an ecosystem where our way of thinking (our principles) is the foundation for our reality (our results), much like it was for Hamlet and Rosencrantz in the famous Shakespeare play, Hamlet.

Remembering to keep our Principles close at hand is however not always easy. Every day we must remind ourselves of their existence and what they mean for our work. Today we give an Easter version of applying principles to our everyday life, here in the hopes of birthing happy Easter memories for children and adults alike.

Courageously Challenge the Box
The Nordic tradition of dressing young girls up as “Påskkäringar” – witches on their way to the witch feast at Blåkulla – and letting them go trick-or-treating can of course be expanded to the boys as well. It’s time for the “Påskgubbe” to join the witches in their quest for candy!

Dare to Try in Practice
Envious of your neighbor’s painted eggs? Why not give blowing out your own eggs a shot? Worst case scenario, you’ve wasted a few eggs!

Reuse and Adapt
Decorating your home for Easter – or any other holiday for that matter – can easily become a very costly ordeal. Why not reuse older decorations and adapting them to the season? Even the ‘julmust’ can be saved and reused as ‘påskmust’!

Understand Customer Viewpoint
Why do we celebrate Easter? Its origin is religious and for Christianity it is the most important event of the year. For many however – at least in secular Sweden – Easter is a family affair, a playful weekend centered on candy, cuteness and spring. As such, the children become “the customer” and their happiness should be the focus point.

Nurture Commitment
With Easter being an event for the family and the children, it is a perfect time to nurture the commitment between family members – to spend time with each other and spread the love.

See the Gap, Call the Gap
Easter is undeniably a Christian celebration; mourning Jesus Christ who he died for the sins of mankind and celebrating his subsequent resurrection and ascension. According to Christianity, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ saved mankind from generations of sins. Being a bit blunt one could say that Christ saw mankind’s gap in the form of our sins, called it out through preaching and even worked to close the gap through his sacrifice.

Regardless if you are Christian or not, Easter is a good time to take a moment and consider what gaps we have within ourselves and own up to them – only be acknowledging where we are lacking can we move forward and improve.

Holistic Focus on Details
During tradition-heavy family holidays such as Easter it is not uncommon that we spend a lot of time and energy on small details. We get stressed when we fail in preparing the perfect dinner or Easter egg. We fight for the last ‘påskmust’ in the store and obsess over which figurines should be spread throughout or homes (and how).

For better health and peace of mind, take a step back and consider the holiday as a hole. Is the candy filled Easter egg truly the source of our children’s happiness or is it something deeper? How important are the figurines when it comes to nurturing the commitment within our family? Will changing/removing one of these details really affect Easter as a whole?


Inspired? At SAM, we are certain that our principles have a positive impact on how we work and we would like to challenge you to also start thinking about your principles and how they should influence your daily work and life.

Happy Holidays!

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