Frukostseminarium: Modularisering

Kundanpassade produkter behöver inte innebära högre kostnader Vad är modularisering och hur kan det påverka kundnyttan och ditt företags lönsamhet? I vilka slags branscher och för vilka produkter lämpar sig modularisering? Hur börjar man med modulariseringsarbetet och vilka är framgångsfaktorerna? Tommy Låbbman, med mångårig erfarenhet av att utveckla och implementera modulära system på bland annat SAAB och Caterpillar bjuder in till ett …

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The end of Retail Business as we know it?

Since the dawn of e-commerce, experts have predicted the death of physical retail. Nevertheless, physical stores still serve a purpose. We think that digitization of the retail business should be considered as an opportunity for physical stores, rather than a threat. In Swedish e-commerce, the hottest debate right now is what the impact will be when Amazon establishes in the …

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The predicament of automotive electrification – securing profits for next generation vehicles

Electrification of vehicles is what is on everybody’s mind right now. It is considered environmentally friendly and provides a lot of benefits. In time, there is a high probability it will be the preferred drivetrain in vehicles. The old automotive industry has been seduced and frightened by the challenger Tesla, and the breakthroughs they have done. Both technically and in …

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