Breakfast Seminar – Change Management

What is the purpose of cultural change and how does an efficient company culture affect profitability? Where and how does change begin? What tools are efficient and how does one develop the leadership? Last week, SAM arranged a breakfast seminar on the topic of change management in order to bring light to those very questions. Charlotte Bjuggren, senior consultant in …

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SAM Tools and How We Use Them

Have you ever had a hard time changing the mind-set or work process at your workplace? Dare to try in practice – SAM Principle With our principles in mind, SAM has developed  a set of simple yet effective tools that help us challenge how our clients work and perhaps more importantly, how they reflect on their work. Through activity based …

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Customer Viewpoint Improvement Groups

Starting individual continuous improvement groups does not necessarily lead to improvements for the customer or throughout the flow. It can even take longer time to get the entire flow connected and synchronized in its enhancement efforts if there is only a small group of people involved first. To speed up the entire flow, especially in cases where the flow is …

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Digitalized Visualization Board

SAM has long experience in developing visual planning boards to support cross functional meetings. The purpose of these planning boards is to provide a common overview of the current situation to participants from different functions. This “common truth” makes it easier to detect, act on and solve deviations. In a delivery flow, for example, delays and new information can easily …

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