Would you like to join our team?

At SAM we are always looking for new, talented people. We have a fulfilling and demanding job as we strive to meet the needs of our customers and our customers’ customers.

How is working at SAM?

Our philosophy is MBM and that is what we implement. However, depending on the customer’s needs, the methods and the practices differ from case to case. This means that we always have to find new ways to work while staying true to our mind-set, simply because each customer is different from the other.

As our principles say: We challenge “the box” and we dare to try in practice. We do what we need in order to understand our customer’s viewpoint, both holistically and in detail.

Additionally, we work where the work is, i.e. at our customers. This is regardless if our customers are located in Stockholm, Södertälje, France, Japan or even Norsjö in the rural north of Sweden. Few things can keep up with the satisfaction of working together, even if it means days away from home.

Our day-to-day tasks normally consist of:

  • Customer employee training and coaching
  • Analysis of flow and production
  • In depth interviews, compilation and analysis
  • Workshop and seminar arrangements

Who is working at SAM?

Ideally, you hold a Master’s Degree in Engineering or Business Administration. The right candidate is social with great problem solving analytical capabilities, curious and likes to travel. Language skills and experience in production industry are meritorious.

We believe in an including work environment where ideas and knowledge are shared to capture all perspectives, which will lead to well-being and productivity. The goal of any recruitment is that it will lead to improved diversity and reflect our customer’s reality. It is a pre-condition to sustain SAM and become an attractive place to make a career.

To apply for a position at SAM, please provide your CV and cover letter to career@sam.se

We believe in lifelong learning and are continuously developing ourselves and our services.

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