Breakfast Seminar – Megatrends


Have you ever heard that Sweden has the second poorest population in Western Europe? That is, in terms of median net wealth per capita, with only Portugal lagging behind. Our economy is extremely dependent on export and is cash flow oriented, hence it relies on the fact that the wheels keep on turning.  So, what would happen if the Swedish economy stagnated?

How does one understand coming trends such as growing cities, identity nurturing consumption and the paradox of increasing automation and imminent shortage of labor?

Last week, SAM arranged a breakfast seminar on the topic of megatrends in order to bring light to those questions. Erik Eriksson, senior strategy and scenario consultant, and SAM’s CEO Fredrik Lagergren held a presentation based on the most current research and their own experiences from helping companies construct and analyze future scenarios.

SAM would like to thank everyone who stepped by our office and made this informative morning a success. We at SAM are looking forward to our next breakfast seminar on the topic of Change Management, which will take place on the 18th of May at 08.00 AM.



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