Breakfast Seminar – Change Management

What is the purpose of cultural change and how does an efficient company culture affect profitability? Where and how does change begin? What tools are efficient and how does one develop the leadership?

Last week, SAM arranged a breakfast seminar on the topic of change management in order to bring light to those very questions. Charlotte Bjuggren, senior consultant in organizational culture and leadership, took us on a journey where real examples were connected to SAM’s methodology.

For decades, SAM has successfully developed and implemented cultural transformations in both large and small organizations. Our methods address the organization’s way of thinking. i.e. the fundament for a cultural change. We strongly believe in “Action Based Learning”, where a customized Principlay simulation from SAM gives your organization thorough understanding of how thinking, actions and results work together. Read more here!

SAM would like to thank everyone who stopped by our office and made this informative morning a success. We are looking forward to hosting more exciting breakfast seminars this fall – stay tuned!

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